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1/6/09 09:14 am - Unlocked post: Friends cut

Profile page clean up today. I have a happy new layout that doesn't make you scroll forever.

I cut abandoned journals, journals that were just mirrors of posts I follow elsewhere (GJ, JF, IF, Twitter), and so forth.

If for some reason I cut you and you're still watching, let me know. (Bear with me, I know of at least one case where I clicked an active journal to defriend on the manage friends page instead of an abandoned journal. Hopefully I caught them all.)

Icon/fic/rec journals that are unlocked were moved to my feedreader, so I'm still watching - just over there.

Also consider this friending amnesty - if you're no longer interested in following this journal go ahead and defriend, no worries. If you've been lurking and want to be friended, let me know. :D

Repost note on IJ: Like on LJ, I took off journals not following me. Comment if you want added back.

1/2/09 04:26 pm - Halp. Plz.

Okay flist, I need beta help.

The cool thing about writing these [info]fandom_stocking stuffers is that it has me pushing out of my usual comfort zones. But this also means I'd really like some betas to take a look at some of my stuff before posting it.

So far I've committed the following fic:
genderbender: (CSI:NY; ack! my first genderbender fic evah!) (RLY RLY need a beta here)
femmeslash: (NY, NCIS and N3; fandoms I haven't written it in before)
pre-slash: (Criminal Minds; not written slash in this fandom before)
oh, and let's not forget the bondage!fic: (NCIS) (how did my first foray into writing this fandom end up bondage?) (and in Ziva-voice none the less. Help! Please!)
het/gen: multiple fandoms

Fandoms written so far:
Criminal Minds

*bats eyelashes* Please?

1/1/09 12:35 pm - CSI:NY fic || Happy New Year, Lisa!

Title: In sickness and...
Author: Zelda Ophelia
Recipient: [info]failegaiden
Rating: PG
Pairing: Flack/Stella.
Summary: "Mom's special recipe. And I don't make it for just anyone."

She hated having the flu. Really hated it. )

1/1/09 12:26 pm - CSI:NY fic || Happy New Year, Sabi!

Title: Admiration
Author: Zelda Ophelia
Recipient: [info]love_kate_walsh
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Flack/Angell
Summary: "I admit nothing. Except that I have been known to admire fellow officers wearing kevlar."

You're going to give yourself wrinkles if you keep frowning like that. )

9/30/07 12:20 pm

I'm here. Sort of.

Currently planning to just post to LJ, no mirroring. Until there's another dust-up that runs us out of town for good. My journal hasn't been very fandom-y for quite a while, so I'm feeling pretty safe.

I'll be slowly archiving old posts over here, but it's not high priority. I'm going to try to get back to flocking/tagging old posts over there, so it might be a combined project.

I've tracked down a few of my flist from over there, but if I've missed you feel free to friend. :D
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